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Welcome to Maggie Q Online, your number one resource for all things Maggie Q! Here you will find an extensive gallery and all of the latest news and information on Maggie. She is best known for playing the lead role in the hit CW series, Nikita. She can be seen in the upcoming movie, Divergent. Thanks for stopping by, and please visit us again soon!
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Alexa / April 1, 2012 / 2 Comments

I’ve added close to 300 screen captures from Friday’s episode of Nikita to the gallery. For me this episode was one of the season two standouts so far, loved the Nikita/Amanda scenes both in the present and the flashbacks. Be sure to check out the captures!

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  • May
    Posted on April 07, 2012

    I love their captures, are of great quality and I am grateful for the incredible work. But I would like to have captured all the scenes, not only that Maggie is or just their expressions. Thank you and sorry for bad english, I’m Brazilian. :)

  • Alexa
    Posted on April 09, 2012

    Thank you May! The reason I only add caps of Maggie is that I really want her to be the focus of our photos. As much as I love the entire cast, taking captures of every cast member in every scene would require a lot of work and the site would be more of a ‘Nikita’ site than one for Maggie. There are some wonderful sites for the show that have captures of every character.

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