I’ve added close to 300 screen captures from Friday’s episode of Nikita to the gallery. For me this episode was one of the season two standouts so far, loved the Nikita/Amanda scenes both in the present and the flashbacks. Be sure to check out the captures!

April 01, 2012 Author: Alexa Filed under: Gallery and Nikita 2 Comments
2 Comments to "2.18 – Power Episode Captures"
  1. May says:

    I love their captures, are of great quality and I am grateful for the incredible work. But I would like to have captured all the scenes, not only that Maggie is or just their expressions. Thank you and sorry for bad english, I’m Brazilian. :)

    • Alexa says:

      Thank you May! The reason I only add caps of Maggie is that I really want her to be the focus of our photos. As much as I love the entire cast, taking captures of every cast member in every scene would require a lot of work and the site would be more of a ‘Nikita’ site than one for Maggie. There are some wonderful sites for the show that have captures of every character.

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