We’d like to take the time to wish Maggie a very happy birthday, she turns 33 years young today! Unfortunately due to time restrictions and work/study commitments we weren’t able to put together a birthday project for her this year but needless to say we’ll do our utmost to plan something special for next year.

We’d like to personally thank Maggie on behalf of all her fans for everything that she is and all that she does. Not only is she a beautiful, talented and hard-working actress but also someone who is using their fame to do wonderful things and is giving a voice to those who are vulnerable and can’t speak for themselves. That’s truly commendable. All in all I believe we can all agree that she is simply one of a kind and a true inspiration. So enjoy this special day Maggie, surrounded with love and positive influences. We, your fans will always love and support you.

May 22, 2012 Author: Alexa Filed under: Site 3 Comments
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  1. cj says:

    happy birthday honeyy :-*:-*

  2. tessa a. ebarrete says:

    Wei love you Maggie Q! Happy,happy birthday!.Many here in in the Phillippines love your show Nikita with Shane West as your forever leading man and partner.We just love your team! Hope to see you in L.A. when I go visit my brother and his family.They live near Glendale,Ca. More power to MIKITA!

  3. tessa a. ebarrete says:


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